About Us

About Us

Hi there,

My name is Zoe Tetrault and I am the founder of World On Pause Candles. It all started in March 2020 when everything began to be shut down due to the pandemic. I had a rough time adapting to the restrictions and found candles to be an escape for me, so I thought why not share this with the world?

My mission is to provide you with beautiful candles that will let you take a step back and just pause the world. Even if that break is an hour or two a week, I’ve done my job.

My goal is to give my customers a chance to decompress, all the while not having a bad impact on our environment.

At World On Pause Candles, our candles are made of 100% natural soy wax and vegan friendly fragrances! We also offer jar returns to minimize the amount of glass in the world!

I have always found solace in candles and hope that my creations will give you a few moments to relax and enjoy the little things!