Frequently Asked Questions

  • Delivery, Pick up & Shipping

    We are happy to hand deliver candles (curbside delivery due to COVID) in Winnipeg (Sage Creek Strip mall meeting place) and surrounding areas south of the city, in the Eastman region. A $5 charge will apply to all deliveries outside of the DeSalaberry Municipality (no charge) or the equivalent in kilometers driven. 

    Pick up is also available in St Malo. Please add – for pick up in St-Malo, in the shipping section (use R0A 1T0) and you will not be charged the $5 fee.

    We have also been flooded with support from across Manitoba and as far as British Columbia so we are thrilled that our candles are having a positive effect across the nation.  We are happy to send candles in the mail via Canada Post. 

    Based on consultation with reps from Canada Post, we can ship 11 lbs (equivalent of 10 candles) for 25$ across Canada (flat box rate – medium).    Please process your order by choosing the etransfer button and include an additional $25 for shipping across Canada or Manitoba (outside of Eastman or Winnipeg regions).

    We are happy to get our candles in your hands. 🙂

  • What should I do with the empty jar?

    Jar Return

    Here at World On Pause, we pride ourselves in using environmentally friendly ingredients for our candles! Our candles are created with only the best components which is why we offer jar returns.

    We hope by offering this, that there will be less unused glass in the world!

    When returning jars, don’t worry about cleaning the jars or removing the wick, leave them as is and take $2 off your next candle purchase!

  • How To Burn Your Candle Properly

    Burning Instructions

    Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax is a very viscous wax that needs to be burned properly to ensure optimal burn. When burning your soy wax candles, you should keep in mind that it has memory. This means that when you blow out your candles, wherever the melt pool has reached, is how far the melt pool will be able to reach on your next burn. If you blow out the candle before it reaches the edge of the jar, you will most likely cause your candle to tunnel. This will be quite a waste and cause nothing but issues! This is why it is important to burn our candles all the way to the edge of the jar on each burn! This will optimize your candles performance and burn time!